Friday, February 04, 2011

Cyclone Yasi - the good, the bad and the ugly

For those of you who have missed the news, our farm has been in the path of Cyclone Yasi, and has been 'saved', when the cyclone, considered to be the worst in 100 years, veered to the south, and crossed the cost over 400 kms from us.

Here is an image of the cyclone path

We have lost about 20 fruit trees due to the high winds. You can visit our photos at Picasaweb to see a detailed selection of the images.

But there have been some good news stories as well. My vegetable garden came through the cyclone really well and the eggplant survived.

The durian flowers are still on the trees.

The Galup nut tree lost its top - and in cutting up the broken branches, we found lots of galup nuts - which otherwise would be too high to pick. So I will get to taste galup nut for the first time.

The farm is now cleaned up and looking fantastic. The rainforest has kept its leaves, the beach is as good as ever. The two B&B cottages are fine, and the garden around the cottage is looking good. We are back and ready for fruit tasting and B&B guests. The fact that we had no mangosteen harvest was a plus. So no damage to the harvest because it was non-existent. This makes us very hopeful for a November crop of mangosteens.

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  1. Here from Italy we were so sad thinking Yasi destructions!
    I went at Cape Trib Farm on June 2010 after spending a month in WA and NT.
    Then I've returned back in Italy but I left my heart in Australia.
    I'm happy to hear your good news!